Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Long Weekend in Orford - May 2011

I come from a small village in Suffolk, called Orford, where there is such a connection to the countryside. My auntie says she used to find me as a toddler, sat in her cupboards taking fistfuls of sultanas out of her jars and stuffing them in my mouth. My earliest memories are of picking potatoes and strawberries, making mudpies in Granny and Grandad’s garden, being down the quay or on the castle green and getting my wellies stuck in the mud on long country walks. Last weekend I went home to Orford, Suffolk - it was well overdue. I've lived in a lot of places but Orford is my first home and I have always considered it my true home. A lot of my family are there and the memories always come flooding back. It may only take a few hours to get from London to Orford but it sometimes feels like I've travelled through a space-time worm-hole and I end up somewhere where time behaves differently. Perhaps it's hearing the birds instead of hearing the traffic that leaves me so relaxed. The village is lovely and beautiful and faces a lot of the issues that many British villages face. I relish my time there and do hope to one day live there again. This would complete the full circle of local turned world traveller turned Londoner turned Londoner who moves back into the village.

Whenever I'm in Orford I always spend a lot of time in Auntie Chrissie's garden and alottment, both of which are lovely. I always end up taking loads of photos of the hard-working bees who go from flower to flower in her garden. They always seem so focused and massive.

Speaking of hard-working, we went past Orford Castle on our way to Auntie Chrissie's alottment.

Through the gates we went...

Until we got to Auntie Chrissie's alottment.

We picked a few bunches of asparagus

Auntie Chrissie picked some sweet peas.

And then we went home to put the sweet peas in some water and to have a nice cup of tea before meeting up with my cousins, their partners and children for lots of good food and drink and even more laughs. A massive thanks to them for another lovely weekend.

and remember...
it's not your chutney...
it's Smy Chutney.

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